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Portraits g.

Court of Appeals of Virginia Published Opinions

Later postcard accessions VII. United States Military Forces b. Mexico c. Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas d. Portraits e. Non-Runyon panoramas f. Duplicate panorama prints VIII. Gulf Coast News and Hotel Company b. Commercial photography materials c. Personal records d. Assorted manuscript and printed materials X.

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Venustiano Carranza, Colonel A. Blocksom, meeting on International Bridge ; , November Generals Pablo Gonzalez and Jesus Carranza visiting hospital ; Trip to Ciudad Victoria, armed men and automobiles ; , Pershing, United States generals ; Mexican troops and civilians in Matamoros Plaza for holiday celebration ; , September 16, Officers Generals John J. Pershing, James Parker, and staffs ; Marching Mexican soldiers to Fort Brown after the battle of Matamoros ; McBee, killed in train wreck, October 18, ; Quadruple funeral: Sgt.

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    Ring, Pvt. Perry H. Rhode, and Pvt. Charles D. Wilton Best, drowned January 26, ; President-elect Warren G. Harding speaking at Fort Brown ; , November 11, Historical photographs of French Invasion, American army pontoon bridge over Rio Grande ; Cameron County courthouses: and to present exterior and interior ; Bridges: International Bridge and miscellaneous bridges ; National Federation of Federal Employees ; , Nov. Athletes football, track and field, basketball ; Glass negative 8x10 : Amali Runyon as a baby see note in holding record. Engineering corps pontoon bridge across the resaca, ; , Building levees during Rio Grande floods of and ; Group with automobile, made for the Chamber of Commerce ; , Groups in car, Matamoros bullfight parade?

    Ciudad Victoria: Landscapes and plants ; , April Along the bank of the Rio Grande before the bridge at 14th Street was built ; Brownsville Depot, trains, and railroad crossings ; Visit of President-elect Warren G. Harding ; , November Brownsville citizens visiting construction work on the Rio Grande Railroad ; , September 2, Escaping gas in pond, at immigration station ; , Sept. Harding fishing at Brazos de Santia ; , November Escuela Evangelica Linares, N. Carrancistas, weapons and ammunition, wrecked biplane, executions and bodies:.

    Professional Photographers Association of Texas officers ; Yoe, Thomas J. McAllen, Salome and other of yearbook committee Palm Leaf ; Rio Grande at flood stage? El Jardin Immigration Company excursions ; and four unnumbered , Lone Star Immigration Company excursions ; and one unnumbered , Worth ; , Copies of original film box lids lantern slides in box 3Sb and glass plate negatives in box 3Sa. Botanical Studies: Flowers and Misc.

    Plants [AR ], circa s. Copyright registration cards and infringements, , , Letters, Famous People primarily elected and government officials.

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    Miscellaneous letters and receipts-rent, paper includes financial documents and correspondence , Old Receipts includes Mexican identification papers , General Electric Photo Data Book, business card, photographs, , , undated. Flower Grower and Southern Florist magazines, Correspondence personal and business some in Spanish , Be on the lookout for these suspects in the following alphabetical listings:. Last name. First and middle name.

    Date of birth. ID number. Last name : Ball, Jr. Last name : Barton, Jr. Last name : Best, Jr.

    State v. Slade, N.C. | Casetext

    E-mail information. Lawlor, Jr. Patrolwoman Kathleen Garcia. Sergeant Arthur Carroll Lane. Corrections Employee Charles Sickles. Sergeant Logan Laroy Scott. Correctional Officer Louis F. Jewett, Jr. Sergeant Paul Lynn Mooneyham, Sr.

    Corrections Employee Billy M. Patrolman William Larry Whitwell. Police Officer Rodney C.

    PATRICK J RUNYAN Arrest Details

    Sergeant Elmer L. Police Officer Wayne Richard Presley. City Marshal Harvey David Johnson. Patrolman William Rankin Hickman. Sergeant John Joseph "J. Police Officer John J. Constable Thomas Dean Jahelka. Deputy Richard John Landes. Police Officer Jose A.

    Bay County Arrest Report: December 2018

    Patrolman James L. Patrolman Robert D. Police Officer John G. Sergeant Richard J. Sergeant George Leon Garrett, Jr. Police Officer James Nathaniel Mason. Lieutenant Clarence P. Cox, Jr. Agent Felipe Pratts-Ferrer. Corrections Officer Donna A. Police Officer Robert T.