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From the car perspective, VIN is the same as a fingerprint is to a human being. Everything that happens to a specific car, for example, registration, purchase, accidents, recalls, vehicle inspection, warranty claims, thefts, insurance coverage, etc. All this data is being stored in various registers and databases.

Having different data from various sources and dates, you can compare them and spot mileage fraud or concealed accidents. So, vehicle check can provide you more information than a car seller wants to reveal for you. You can find dozens of vehicle history providers on the internet. Enter a VIN of your car and each of them will provide you some information.

In this case, what features do make carVertical the only vehicle check you should trust and use? We process and verify all the data, blockchain confirms its reliability. This guaranties that all car history facts which is stored in our registry, is tamper-proof and cannot be faked, changed, rewritten or manipulated in other ways. When a consumer enters VIN in our system, our vehicle check provides him or her a single user friendly in-depth online report, including not only full vehicle history, but also technical details, if it had any accidents or had been stolen.

Moreover, they are able to view the photo gallery of the vehicle at different periods of its usage. For the majority of models, carVertical also enlists frequent bugs and information about the equipment.

Check the MOT history of a vehicle

Vehicle history report even warns about the upcoming maintenance costs, so you can calculate your future spendings. Here is the more detailed list of the information our VIN decoder usually share with the report buyers:. Just perform these simple actions:. The world has needed a car check like carVertical for a long time.

Finally, you can use it. Try it now and drive you dream car without worry. The character VIN can be found either on the body of the vehicle or in its documents.

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Simply enter it into the dedicated field on our website. Our aim is to provide you with the most comprehensive vehicle history reports in the market. We constantly update our databases, collecting and analysing information from the most reliable sources worldwide. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal and other commonly accepted payment methods.

In addition to comprehensive and reliable facts about mileage, accidents, thefts, etc.

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The more you know, the easier it is to decide on your next dream car. It will be displayed in miles or kilometres. The average annual mileage of petrol cars is about 17, kilometres 10, miles. Diesel cars, if they have been used for business purposes, could have an average of about 24, kilometres 15, miles.

Our car history check will show:

Ask the seller to confirm in writing the correct mileage reading before you buy the car. Turn the ignition onto the first click and all the warning lights should flicker on. Make sure all these lights come on airbag etc. Check the wear and tear inside the car on the seat covers, pedal rubbers, gear knob or steering wheel to see if it is consistent with the displayed odometer reading.

Test drive the car Take the car for a test drive before you buy it.

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This may not be possible if you buy the car at an auction. Check the history of the car There are a number of companies who can check the history of a car for you for a fee, you can search online to find the right service provider. This check may uncover details which the seller is trying to hide such as whether or not the vehicle was ever written-off, the true mileage of the vehicle or if there is outstanding finance on the vehicle.

You should be looking to at least get the previous recorded odometer readings, details of any insurance claims or if the car has been used as a taxi and details of any crashes Check the registration You can check if someone else has just bought this car, realised it has a fault and tried to sell it before it costs them any more money.

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Check if there is outstanding finance on the car Check that the car is not under any existing finance agreement. If it is, the person trying to sell the car does not actually own it and does not have the right to sell it to you. There are companies that keep records of cars subject to hire purchase and PCP agreements, so check if they have details of the car you are looking at. You will be charged a small fee for this service. All SIMI Society of Irish Motor Industry dealers have access to a car history check service and they cannot sell a car which has outstanding finance on it.

Legal ownership of a car cannot be transferred until the final repayment has been made. If you buy a car with outstanding finance on it, the car could be repossessed by the lender even if you have already paid the previous owner for it. If the car is an import from the UK ask to see the V5C.

These documents are the ownership documents for the car. The person selling the car must correspond to the name on the V5C or VRC, and you should ask for proof of identity if buying privately. The VRC has a 10 digit number on the top right hand corner of the first page. It should look like C For this would be C and so on. Take down these numbers and match them when getting your car history check. If the number does not match the document could be forged and the car may be stolen. The engine size, fuel type, date of registration and colour will be detailed on the VRC.

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You should check this against the car. Sometimes the seller will try to gain more value by pretending the car is of a higher power etc. The correct specification will be detailed on your car history check. Where available the mileage history comprises of the reading associated with the most recent and three prior NCTs.

As this is a new system, it will only show mileage recorded during tests conducted from July onwards. They called me back when they said they would, they did what they said they would, they just generally exceeded my expectations of a call centre operation.

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