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Most records are identified by an id key, which indicates the sequence number of the request or response. Responses to requests should contain the same id value as the original request. This message may also be sent by a game such as when accepting an offer to trade in which case it is forwarded by the server to the recipient marked with the t property after replacing the t property with the f property to indicate from whom the message came.

The content of the response is not checked outside of the presence of a OK. Presumably, in doing these lookups, the DS is hoping to receive another IP address to try connecting to. However, it will not try recontacting the original server if its IP address happens to be returned in any of the subsequent DNS responses. If a connection is made and dropped by the server or the server responds with an unexpected HTTP response code e. These accounts are managed automatically in the process of setting up your user information in a game and are why friend codes are not portable as the GameSpy account is created specific to a game card and console, and can not be shared between multiple games.

For similar reasons, the Pal Pad must be erased between consoles "friends" are managed through the GameSpy protocol. It is also possible to get the DS into an inconsistent state if gpcm. In this case, the user must restart the DS with a soft reboot before Wi-Fi connections can be made.

Until the user does so, all attempts to connect will fail at the connection test stage, as if the connection test server did not respond. A number of error codes may be encountered at registration time, in addition to the codes that may arise from the connection test, including:. Credit for interpreting the key-value pairs goes in part to Vetle, whose partial documentation of the login POST helped to explain some of the fields.

It is unclear which of these exactly serves as the key to lookup the newly created account later, although it appears that userid , passwd and gamecd are sufficient userid and passwd alone appear to only identify the DS device. The basics of this protocol have been previously documented on the Project Pokemon Wiki and can be derived from a number of applications designed to re-implement GTS. As such, I do not intend to detail this protocol here until other, currently undocumented protocols have been documented.

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The registration mechanism above is effectively a special variant of the more general-purpose login mechanism, which is as follows:. Several additional records are common to all connections. TODO: What is the use of gpsp? Also, the following record will be appended. Adding and removing friends through the Pal Pad is a process that requires confirmation not only from the server but from the desired friend as well before the friend can be considered "fully registered". For the purpose of this explanation, I will refer to two friends, named Alice and Bob.

The process begins when Alice adds Bob's friend code to her Pal Pad. He will always request such a record, even if Alice is not listed in his Pal Pad. This allows for Bob and Alice to mark each other as buddies without having to be on at the same time. Removing a buddy is much simpler than adding a buddy. Bob may still see Alice's status and will be informed of her status changes until he removes Alice from his Pal Pad. This is why the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gives an ambiguous error as to whether a "failure to connect" is due to a real connection failure or due to Alice having removed Bob from her Pal Pad.

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In both cases, Alice will fail to respond. This usually includes the locstring, which appears to contain the most significant information about the status of the player, including the player's sprite and the player's status e. However, the server need not be aware of how this string is interpreted, but must only be able to save this state to be echoed to any buddy of the player who logs in.

Any user who changes their status e. Byte 27 i.

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The known values for this byte include:. Byte 29 i. Known values of this byte include:. It is also probable that the trainer ID or at least the last several binary digits of it and gender is encoded in the base64 string to allow for the default sprite to be calculated if byte 29 is missing unfortunately, the algorithm for deriving the default avatar is no longer posted on MetalKid's website. Upon seeing a request for a battle or trade in a friend's locstring, a user may accept the request to start the battle or trade.

This is done as follows assuming that Alice is announcing, and Bob is accepting the announcement :. NOTE: This is the counterpart to the previous record, sent from the server to the game currently offering to trade. Note that the t field has been rewritten as the f field.

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NOTE: Though not depicted here, there is, of course, a forwarded copy of this message that is sent to the recipient in the t field. It has been decrypted here to show the contents of the message. NOTE: For unknown reasons, this message is typically divided into two TCP packets, where the header is sent in the first packet and the body in the second. The Wi-Fi Plaza is a feature unique to Platinum?

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This protocol is an encrypted form of IRC, the encryption of which has been documented by Luigi Auriemma. Upon encrypted login, connect to gamestats2. That is,. Friend Codes Friend codes of DS games are bit integers. Then, create a server certificate, signed by your new root certificate to use for hosting your copy of nas.

Observed keys include the following: localip0 : The device-local IP.

May be an internal network IP. This is the same as the source UDP port of this message.

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Practical use unknown. Likely a placeholder for game-specific properties. May take any value. Profile ID of the user.

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  5. Unknown value. May always be 2. May always be 0. May always be 3. May always be 1. Empty string values are allowed A record consists of an initial "record type" key-value pair, where the key indicates the type of record, and the value if non-empty is an stringified integer which appears to obliquely indicate the version or subtype of the record type. It is unknown if order of keys besides the record type and final is significant. This record is sent to the client immediately upon connection. This record has two keys: challenge : A random character string of ASCII uppercase letters id : The sequence ID usually 1 , as it is the first record sent to the client.

    This challenge string is generated by the client to verify the server. The server will validate this value. This field can be safely ignored when implementing a server that does not need to validate clients. Once this message is received, all other records may be sent. This record has seven keys: sesskey : A unique bit integer session key used to identify this GameSpy session.