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After the first shelling of the hospital on 13 May , the medical staff placed a large white flag with the Red Cross emblem in the southern section of the hospital facing Trebevic and the hill of Vrace, Nakas, T. The staff later took down this flag in September because exposure to gunfire had reduced it to tatters, Nakas, T. Judging by the location of the first impact, the witness concluded that the hits originated from the slope of Trebevic, which is an extension of Vrace hill, Nakas, T.

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He also testified that fragments from tank, artillery and mortar explosives were recovered at the hospital after shelling incidents, Nakas, T. There was also a trailer between the containers about a metre and a half above the ground, Sabri Halili, T. She was then 55 years old, Milada Halili, T. He was not carrying any weapons that day because he was off duty, T. In a statement given to the Office of the Prosecution on 11 November , Milada Halili referred to the driver of the car who drove them to the hospital as a soldier, despite the fact that he did not wear any military uniform.

She explained in court that she had thought so because she believed that any able bodied man was a soldier at the time, Milada Halili, T. Sabri Halili, T. Milada Halili believed her mother had been directly targeted and had not been hit by a bullet that ricocheted, because the intersection where her mother was shot was visible from the skyscrapers in Grbavica, Milada Halili, T. He said that the bullets were probably shot from between the first and the tenth floor of this skyscraper, Sabri Halili, T.

Mensur Jusic, a man aged 36 years, sustained a slight leg wound and Belma Sukic-Likic, a woman aged 23 years, was wounded in her left armpit in the same attack. The tram was in front of a church at the time of the event, Jusic T. I degree photograph of the location of scheduled sniping incident 24 ; P Jusic believed that a single bullet injured the child, the young woman and himself.

He explained on P pre-marked diagram the positions in the tram of those injured during the event and the place of impact on the tram, T. Jusic marked on D38 map of area the two stops missed by the tram before it came to a halt at the Pofalici stop. He indicated that the tram driver stopped there because this stop was screened off from SRK positions in Grbavica by a school and a church, Jusic, T. People can be seen walking around on the street at the Pofalici stop on a photograph shown in court See P During cross-examination, she testified that she did not recall the presence of any ABiH soldiers at this stop and said that, if any, there were two or three soldiers there, T.

She said that the Pofalici stop was two stops further from where the tram was shot, T. The Defence argues that the evidence in the Trial Record shows that the northern and eastern side of the Jewish Cemetery, including the Chapel, were under ABiH control, while the SRK held the western and southern sides of the Cemetery, so that the warring parties were separated by the Cemetery itself, Defence Final Trial Brief, para.

He pointed out on photographs taken during the forensic investigation the bullet impact points on the tram, T. He explained that the bullet went through the wall of the tram car a metre from the ground, damaged the metal bracket of the heater which was under a seat, travelled across the aisle and hit the support of the seat that faced the rear of the tram on the opposite side, P, P; T.

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Bullet fragments were found in the tram, T. A report prepared by another officer indicates that the bullet fragmented after hitting the inner tin of the tram P An official ballistic expert did not participate in the investigation, since it had been moved from the site of the incident. The usual technique to determine the source of fire based on the entry-exit point of impact was not used, T. The witness confirmed that the tram was hit on the left-hand side in the direction it was travelling, some 10 centimetres beneath the window in the rear part of the first carriage.

The witness marked on a map P the location of the Jewish Cemetery, T. I degree photograph.

Witness DP16 estimated the distance between the northern boundary of the Jewish Cemetery and the place where the incident occurred to be approximately metres, T. Witness DP16 said that the view towards the Marijn Dvor intersection was obstructed by the Assembly building and the cemetery wall, which was two to three metres high, Witness DP16, T.

J set of photographs of intersection ; P photographs taken by Ashton. See Map 1 of Ex. A red circle on a photograph shown in court indicates one of these intersections.

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The witness said that snipers operated on both sides of the confrontation lines in the area of Ozrenska Street, T. During the time he was a member of his platoon, the confrontation line in this area remained almost unchanged, T. Ashton took photographs inside the bus when it was shot at. See P photographs taken by Ashton. The witness marked direction of fire on a map P In October , her flat burned down as result of SRK fire from that area.

Milada Halili, T.

For example, he said that, on 17 September , part of a shell hit a driver as he walked towards the building. He sustained a serious injury to a leg and remained invalid, T. Two days later, another staff member was rendered invalid by a hit at the entrance of the building, T. On 18 October , a medical technician was wounded by shrapnel of a shell in front of the emergency medical service building, T.

On 31 February , a colleague was hit by a sniper in his spine. He was left completely paralyzed and died 6 months later, T. The bullet wounded the mother in her left thigh and wounded the daughter on her right hand and in her abdomen, Schedule 1 to the Indictment.

Nafa Taric was wearing jeans, a denim waistcoat and white T-shirt, while Elma Taric was dressed in a red tracksuit, T.

The Trial Chamber finds that this report does not exclude that there was visibility at 5pm at that location, and it therefore does not affect the credibility of this witness. See also P I videotape , T. H degree photograph of the location of scheduled sniping incident 10 , See P set of photographs of site of event ; T. The Defence alleges that it was not possible for the perpetrator to have had such a quick reaction and fire at the victims as soon as they left the protection of the containers, Defence Final Trial Brief, para.

She believed the confrontation lines were about one kilometre away, T. He found no bullet fragments at the scene. Hinchliffe took a laser range finder reading of the distance from the area of Tagolavska road, where he saw trenches and which he suspects was the area of the source of fire, to the spot where the victims were wounded to be metres, Hincliffe, T. However, later in his testimony, he admitted that a line of sight did exist, although he said that the part of the intersection that was visible was in fact sheltered by screens, Witness DP10, T.

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Ramiz Velic, aged 50 years, was wounded in his left forearm, and Milan Ristic, aged 56 years, was wounded in his right arm and both legs, Schedule 1 to the Indictment. The Prosecution led no evidence regarding the wounding of Milan Ristic, hence the Trial Chamber only considers the incident in relation to Ramiz Velic. Every day, the witness, then aged 50, would load up rubbish with his loader onto trucks, Velic, T. The witness placed a line on P photograph of site of incident to show where the wire crossed the street, Velic, T.

See PD video of site of incident.

The witness testified that, as part of his work obligations during the conflict, he was assigned the task of digging trenches. Up until the date of the event, he had worked digging trenches only on three occasions, once at uc and twice at Vogosca. He indicated, however, that he did not use his loader to dig trenches, but used only a pick and a shovel. He indicated that he had also been targeted on previous occasions whilst driving the loader and collecting rubbish in other areas, T.

The witness did not know of the existence of any military facility in the area, Velic, T. The left-hand door of the cabin also faced Vrace, Velic, T. The witness clearly identified the location of this academy and of other SRK positions on photographs shown to him in court. See P, P, P set of photographs of site of incident , T. P photograph shows the MUP academy. Witness DP16 testified that there was no line of sight between the spot of the incident and SRK positions, because a pink building obstructed the view, although he did believe there was a partial line of sight from the MUP Academy, Witness DP16, T.

He added that there was daily exchange of fire in the area, T. The witness testified that the trees seen in the photographs and video were not there at the time.


See PD degree photograph of the location of scheduled sniping incident 15 , T. Looking outward from the dining-room, the left side had a glass pane, while on the right side there was only thin plastic sheeting. The cotton blinds of the window had holes caused by bullets and shrapnel, Mukanovic, T. The witness pointed out on a video and photographs shown to him in court the entry points of the two bullets and where his wife was seated at the time of the incident, P video of location of incident , T.

As shown on the video, the second entry point was measured to be 97 centimetres from the floor and 5. See P photograph 2A, view from dining room window ; P photograph 2B, pre-marked black-and-white photocopy of P , P photograph 3A, telephoto of view from dining room window ; P photograph 3B, pre-marked black-and-white photocopy of P , P degree photograph of the location of scheduled sniping incidents 20 , T. Witness J marked on map the building where victim lived when she was shot. Witness J marked on a map the area of the source of fire and drew a red line to indicate where the confrontation line ran, Witness J, T.

He recognised however that it was technically possible that the shots had been fired from another point on the hill, T.