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Emotional investment matters internally as well. Employees should feel motivated to build the business and make improvements. Video bios connect people to your brand.

Seeing the emotions and expressions of your team members, viewers feel a sense of familiarity and trust in your organization. With that emotional investment, you have more people, both internally and externally, supporting your organization and helping it grow.

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A video bio is a way for employees to introduce themselves in a professional context, such as an all-hands meeting, conference, on your website, on social media, or via email. It summarizes their key qualities so viewers can get a better sense of their interests, strengths, and more. A typical employee bio video should include professional details to show how the person fits within their organization.

Examples of this professional info include:.

At the same time, an employee video bio should include personal details to provide a full picture of their interests. Hearing employees talk about their lives outside of work makes them a bit more relatable. Employees might describe:.

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Besides connecting internal team members in onboarding, these intro videos can also be used by anyone to engage with people outside of your organization and build your brand image. Video bios are a powerful way to humanize your brand. Whether viewers are internal employees or potential leads, watching and listing to a team member—their mannerisms, voice, and more—can help your company feel more relatable, familiar, and authentic. With each of these areas, video bios make your business feel more approachable and friendly, so more people—both internally and externally—want to support it, and you.

In a world of online activity, businesses today mostly engage with customers virtually rather than in-person. Video bios are a powerful way to build rapport with customers online. Unlike other mediums, a video captures the emotions and expressions of your team members.

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Here are a few key ways your sales team, support team, and other team members can distribute video bios to connect with clients as they move down the funnel:. Beyond online communication, you can also connect with potential clients face to face by speaking at a conference. Sharing your expertise with conference attendees motivates them to learn more about your company and engage with your business.

To prep your audience before your talk, share your video bio with them. Hearing you talk about your background and specialties will build hype around your talk. Moreover, sharing a video bio before your talk builds an emotional connection with your conference audience. Identify the best customer segments using InMobi Audiences and supercharge your marketing campaigns.

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