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Family events such as births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials are key elements of genealogy and family history research. These events are recorded in church records and in other official documents.

Canada Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959

Library and Archives Canada holds a small collection of such documents, some of which are indexed by name. This is a register of baptisms and marriages performed by Rev. John Bethune, Miller searched newspaper obituaries, census returns, church records and other local sources.

He created a page for each individual with information and sources he found concerning that person. In some cases, he also included copies of correspondence, certificates, announcements, newspaper clippings, etc. The entries in this database are not from those individual pages, but from the printed finding aid FA , which contains the surnames found in the collection. The page number s provided in the database can be used to locate the actual pages that include the full names and available details.

The pages are arranged alphabetically. Note that the archival page numbers provided in the database are not the same as image numbers. All of the details on those cards was entered into this database see digitized cards on microfilm H The actual parish registers are not held by Library and Archives Canada.

The St. Kipling also compiled over genealogical studies of the origins and descendants of Red River settlers, original fur traders, and servants of the Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company, covering the years from about to The records are not available online.

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You can visit Library and Archives Canada to view the documents on site or order copies. On the order form, include the archival reference as follows: MGG62, volume 1, name, page number s. Note that the cards referred to in Finding Aid are the ones that were entered in this database as explained above. This series contains about applications received by the Issuer of Licenses of the Yukon Territory from to Each application contains the names and ages of both parties as well as the date and place.

Finding Aid is the printed list of names that was used to create this database index. Although the original records are held at the Yukon Archives, Library and Archives Canada has a copy on microfilm M That reel is not available online.

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You can visit Library and Archives Canada to view that self-serve reel on site or you can order copies. On the order form, include the archival reference as follows: RGB-4, volume 76, names, license number, microfilm M The Yukon Archives also holds some collections of church records.

Arthur Gravelle and his son Father Joseph E. Going through a divorce can be a tough period of your life.

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Births, Marriages and Deaths Recorded in Canada

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