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Vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes. Additionally, vehicles can be owned by individuals or by companies. Vehicle Tracker.

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Track your vehicle with our GemTrack Devices,prevent theft and misuse of resources and improve your output. Keep your vehicle safe with our geofencing feature which allows you to receive alerts if your vehicle leaves the assigned area. Immobilize your vehicle immediately with our immobilize feature which instantly disrupts the ignition supply and stops the vehicle and other features. Track students or employees. Our device provides reliable hardware and software to track your asset,it has 30 days battery life so it will track your cargo even on long journeys.

Anant Rescue in 5 crore? Keep GPS in shoe to stop kidnapping | Sulekha Creative

Using the technology, students at the Centre for Electronics Design and Technology CEDT at the Indian Institute of Technology have come up with a device that will enable parents to keep track of their children's movements using the Internet. The system can be configured to be wirelessly monitored. The system helps keep track of the child's latitude and longitude and sends the information by GPRS to a remote server that the parents can then access. The product, developed by A. Shanavas and Gaurav S. Kasbekar, is sponsored by Wipro.

It helps parents track the movements of school children and has an emergency button. The team has tested the device on children. The device costs Rs. We will now work on it and develop it to make it economical. The abduction and killing of year-old Jetseta Gage, of Cedar Rapids , last year prompted the Legislature to pass a law requiring closer monitoring of child sex offenders.

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MUMBAI, India -- A school bus operator -- sitting in front of a computer, monitoring the fleet of buses and pin-pointing the movement of each and every bus in real time as children are dropped home -- is not a scene from a sci-fi movie. This satellite-based tracking system, installed in August, will be fully functional in a month's time and enable both school authorities and school bus operators to track the buses.

According to a report in Red Herring, Verizon Wireless plans to launch a child tracking service this May.

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The service will debut on the LG Migo , a kid-friendly phone that the carrier launched late last year. Privacy concerns have stalled the launch of a GPS based tracking service so far, but Verizon Wireless has apparently decided that it will be a popular feature for safety-conscience parents. This jives with what we have heard from LG representatives--the functionality has always been in the Migo, but it's up to Verizon Wireless to make use of it.

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Astroth said. Child tracking won't be the only location based service that Verizon Wireless will launch, expect a turn-by-turn navigation service called VZ Navigator to launch later this year. It's only one of a handful of services expected to debut.

Track and locate to four children with the tamper-proof bracelet and monitor. Set safety-zones and boundaries.

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Mommy I'm Here! Child Locator Teddy Bear Receiver to your child's shoe or belt. When you lose sight of your child, press the remote and you will hear a loud sound from the direction of your child. Great for Children 10 and older. View More. Home Talk Property Beat. My Dashboard. Search Member Search Keyword. Creative General Anant Rescue in 5 crore? Keep GPS in shoe to stop kidnapping. Anant Rescue in 5 crore? Parents, in the meantime, can watch their little slave on a website, which will have a map of the locality in which the child is supposed to, as one of the project scientists says, "roam.

The device also includes a panic button for the child to trigger in case of an emergency.