Online investigation of marriage records

Marriage records can be some of the most valuable documents that you uncover in researching your New York ancestors. Of course, the information contained in a marriage certificate or license is also incredibly valuable to the family history researcher - depending on the time and place of the marriage, you can find deep information on both spouses including a specific foreign birthplace if one was an immigrant , as well as deep information on parents and witnesses.

Where can I do an online investigation?

Civil marriage records can be challenging to locate in New York State. There are also plenty of local exceptions and idiosyncrasies that affect the research process. That's why we're here to help!

Essential Steps to Find a New York State Marriage Record

For those searching outside of New York City, there are a couple of steps everyone must take, and then a few different options available depending on the time and place of the marriage you're investigating. Estimating dates of birth or death can be somewhat straightforward, but estimating the date of a marriage can be a little trickier. While some records will explicitly contain information about the date of a marriage, you may not have one that does. The birth of a child may also be a good indicator. You don't need to find the exact date of marriage, but a well-informed time window will help ensure you find the right marriage record.

The unfortunate reality is that for many of our ancestors, there is no official marriage record produced by a civil government. While this is the general rule of thumb, the important thing to remember is that marriage record-keeping practices vary greatly by location. How to Request Public Records

Some towns and cities began tracking vital records earlier than others - especially in major cities like Albany, Buffalo, Yonkers, and others. How do you make this determination?

A good place to start is our article that details the general timeline of New York vital records - this will give you the overview that you need. Once you have an idea of the general landscape, you'll have a solid idea of how to approach the next steps. Researchers who own a copy of the New York Family History Guide and Gazetteer should also thoroughly read the chapter on New York State Vital Records, which has several useful charts that go into detail about specific municipalities in New York State and when each began keeping vital records consistently.

Marriage Records

The majority of New York State vital record certificates including marriage certificates have not been digitized. In many cases, researchers will need to contact a repository to order a copy. Depending on the time and place of the marriage you're seeking, the following online collections may be of interest:. This FamilySearch collection can be accessed for free on www. It is a fully searchable collection that contains an index and images of civil county marriage records for 45 out of New York State's 62 counties.

Researchers should note that indexing is currently in process, so not all images may be discoverable via search.

What kind of records can I access via a public records search?

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There are two types of search: Particular search A search for any given entry in relation to an identified person i.

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