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Whether you want to file for divorce or already have been served with papers, the Law office of Thor Hartwig can help.

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Men involved in a divorce in Tampa Bay need competent legal representation to protect their rights and interests. Men and fathers deserve equal recognition in a divorce proceeding, but do not always enjoy such treatment.

While the divorce laws in Florida have changed for the better in recent times, some of the vestiges of an antiquated thought process still linger in many courts. In order to ensure that men get their fair treatment in accordance with the law, they need an attorney that can aggressively represent their interests at every turn in the divorce process.

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A divorced father himself, attorney Thor Hartwig can empathize with men in the divorce process. More importantly, he can help cut through the emotional constraints many men have and give clear and concise legal counsel.

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Areas of Practice Agreements. Child Custody. Child Support. Domestic Violence. Men's Divorce.

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Divorce Guide. An experienced Melbourne divorce attorney can help you protect your interests and the interests of your children.

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As a man and father himself, Mr. Deans has interest in representing men, husbands, and fathers through their divorce proceedings.

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Many men believe they are the underdogs in family courts and believe they will typically lose in divorce battles. To be sure your rights as a father are protected throughout your divorce and child custody matters, it is important to choose a family law firm that understands your needs and will be devoted to protecting your rights in court. Melbourne Attorney Thomas W. Deans, of Deans Family Law is dedicated to protecting the rights of fathers, like himself, and provide them the representation they deserve.

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For more information about our approach in cases involving Florida paternity suits or child custody disputes, contact the office of Thomas W.