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Some states seal those records permanently with very few exceptions. Other states allow partial or restricted access of that original birth certificate for adult adoptees after they turn 18, and only nine states offer unrestricted access to your original birth certificate.

Obtain a new New Jersey (NJ) Birth Certificate

There are many reasons, both practical and deeply personal, why you might want to obtain your original birth certificate, including:. Particularly for adoptees of closed adoptions, there can be many unanswered questions. If you do wish to see your adoption birth certificate, the following information can help you get started. The process of unsealing your adoption records and accessing your original adoption birth certificate can be impossible, or it could be as easy as putting in a request with vital records.

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Much of it depends on your state laws, unfortunately. This is why many people are working to improve adoptee rights so that adoptees can access their birth certificate after adoption if desired, the same as anyone else.

PA Adoptees Can Now Obtain Original Birth Certificate

You can learn more about how to open your adoption records and request to see your closed adoption birth certificate here. Launch your career - Upload your resume now!

Colorado Public Records

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