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Our major duty is to keep records of all legal agreements that affect Wood County residents. You can either mail or bring a document in person for us to record, and you can pick it up the next day or have us mail it back. Mail your documents here:. Each document we record gets a book and page number, and is copied and permanently kept in our books.

We process the accounts payable for the Wood County Commission. If you're a vendor doing business with the county, we're your connection for billing questions. Just a Note: While we do handle the county's finances, we don't handle any tax collection. Planning a wedding? Looking for a marriage record? Doing some genealogical research? Here's your first stop! We can help you apply for a marriage license or prepare a copy of one that's already recorded. You can also visit us in person to search through our record books -- We have recorded marriage records for Wood County beginning in Just a quick note: while we handle all inquiries about marriages, divorces are another matter.

If you have questions about obtaining a divorce, we suggest you talk with an attorney or, if it's a no-fault divorce, check with the Circuit Clerk's Office at If you were married in another West Virginia County or are doing some genealogical research and need a record, click here to find that County and the information needed to contact them. Our hours are a. Monday through Friday, and you can reach us at We'll help you administer an estate, with or without a will. Remember that the estate should be administered in the county where the person lived.

When a person dies, an estate is created. Now, an estate includes property that the decedent owned, and the law requires that someone must administer the estate. After the fiduciary is appointed to administer the estate, he or she must file an Appraisement and Inventory Form within 90 days of qualification and completing final settlement. There is a fee to administer an estate, record and publish an appraisement, or to record a final settlement. If there's no will, the decedent is said to have died intestate, and his property passes by statutes called the laws of intestacy.

We don't create wills, but we do record them after someone dies. If you're interested in writing your will, we suggest you talk with an attorney. You have a couple of other options, too, including buying a do-it-yourself will kit at office supply stores or finding software that will help you draw up a will. If you have any questions at all about what to include or how to make sure what you have is correct, you probably should visit an attorney.

Visit us on the Third Floor in Room or call The first floor of the Courthouse contains deed and lien records from to the present, along with property surveys known as plats. The Assessor land books from to the present are also located on the first floor, with older books stored off site due to space.

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Public records like birth, death, marriage and divorce documents are available here from the year till present day. If you cannot find the particular divorce records you are looking for you can always look for the divorce records at the Clerk of Court but only from the county where the divorce proceedings took place.

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The state of West Virginia also holds all vital records database for public access for genealogical purposes. You can order a certified copy of the divorce documents from West Virginia VitalChek. The online process is fast, simple and secure; the best part is that it is a fully authorized portal that works with different agencies to provide users with vital records. You can even avail a rush order through here. Your email address will not be published.

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Leave this field empty. I have been unable to find any information regarding his first wife name unknown. Records indicate in the census he was married. Are any marriage or divorce records on file in your office. I am attempting to write a genealogical history of my family.

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These marriage and divorce records are older than 50 years, which is the limitation of our West Virginia Divorce Records Database. I believe they were divorced between Would you happen to have either their marriage or divorce records? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time. Thanks for reaching out Jennifer. Unfortunately these are old divorce records so we do not have them in our West Virginia divorce record database. Our divorce records typically only go back 50 years. I need a copy of my divorce. It was Dec or Jan in charleston West Virginia.

I live out of state. Name was Nancy Giacalone. Nancy, in order to obtain a copy of your West Virginia divorce decree there are a few options. You can contact the West Virginia CDC to obtain WV divorce records, you can contact the WV courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed or you can use a 3rd party certified record service called Vital Check. Once information is received from requested background check, contact the Circuit Clerk of the County of jurisdiction from which the arrest originated.

Finally, petition the Circuit Court for an expungement. All relevant papers and forms are available through the court system.

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Papers are to be filed with the Circuit Court. How will an individual be notified once the expungement is complete? Are calls received at the Criminal Records Section to obtain the status of an expungement?