Chevy v8 engine identification numbers

Identify Chevy LS Engines by Inspection

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SBC Casting Number, 305 vs 350, Buyer Beware

Learn the firing order of a small block chevy. Our guide covers popular SBC V8 Torque specifications so you can be sure you're getting peak performance. Picking a proper camshaft for your project can rapidly deteriorate into chaos. So many possibilities.

Chevy V8 Head Casting Number Locations

Want a little advice? Click here! Well, which one really gave us the most bang for the buck?

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Read on to find out It's time to see if all our hard work to upgrade Project Chevelle will pay off in faster lap times. We set up a little autocross course to find out. Learn about performing an LS Swap in a Chevelle in this tech article. We'll discuss lessons learned from our Chevelle engine swap using a horse 6. The open headers were fun, but now it's time for a real exhaust on Project Chevelle.

Follow along as we quiet things down with a Flowmaster American Thunder dual exhaust kit. Now that Project Chevelle is making some real power, it's time to give it a little more fuel. Follow along as we install a new tank and pump from Tanks Inc. Don't wanna buy it? No Problem!

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Get casting number info from me! Ask for Expert CarlMKing. There are two basic chevrolet casting numbers identification needs that this book serves.

This first is the typical collector who is trying to identify a component by Chevrolet casting numbers, which may be in a salvage yard, at a swap meet, a friend's cache of parts, etc. He wants to know what kind of vehicle the component was originally installed on.

Small Block Chevy Engine Codes

And second, he wants to know which chevrolet casting numbers are "correct" for his car, so a proper replacement can be found. This is a common need experienced by the restorer who has a Chevy engine project missing original engine components, i. To identify a component, find the chevrolet casting numbers or stamped-in identification number, turn to the appropriate section of this book, and look it up.