How do i file for divorce in arizona

Our favorite provider is 3stepdivorce. And, the online service will charge you a fee for their services and for creating your documents. Apart from this, you will have to pay a fee for filing your papers in court. However, an online service is an appropriate option only if your divorce is an uncontested one and your spouse and you agree on all the issues pertaining to your divorce.

If your spouse and you are not able to agree on the main issues of your divorce, then your case will go to trial in court, where it will be heard by a judge and the judge will decide on the various issues. In such a case, both your spouse and you will require to hire a divorce attorney to represent the case on your behalf in the court. Arizona follows community property laws. Community property is all the property acquired by both spouses during the marriage and is equally owned by both spouses.

Community property is usually divided equitably during a divorce. Any property that is owned by one spouse before marriage or received by a spouse during the marriage as an inheritance or a gift is considered as separate or sole property of the spouse. Any spending of the community funds or improvement to the separate property can result in a community lien against the particular asset and the lien will be divided equitably between both the spouses.

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Though the court may order a lien against any separate property that was improved while the two parties were married and order that one spouse pay the other to compensate for their share of the community lien, the court can award only the particular item of the separate property to the spouse holding the property and cannot order the spouse to sell the property.

The rules for the division of debt are similar to division of community property. All the debts which are incurred during the marriage are considered as community obligations and the debts of each spouse before the marriage are considered as separate and sole obligations of the spouse who incurred the debt.

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The judge may order a spouse to pay the other alimony or spousal maintenance if the spouse seeking alimony can prove:. In the case that the court decides that spousal maintenance is applicable , then the court will consider other factors while deciding the amount of spousal maintenance and duration along with considering the length of the marriage, the age of both spouses and health, the standard of living during the marriage, etc. In Arizona, the spousal maintenance stops automatically on the death of either spouse or if the spouse receiving the maintenance remarries, unless both spouses agree otherwise in writing.

The are 2 types of legal custody in Arizona — sole legal custody and joint legal custody. In the case of a joint custody, both parents have equal say in making major decisions affecting the child including educational and medical decisions. In the case of sole custody , the parent with the custody can make these decisions pertaining to the child without consultation with the other parent. Apart from legal custody of the child, the court also issues orders regarding the parenting time of each parent with the child, which includes weekly access schedule, vacation schedule and holiday schedule.

The court will decide on the legal custody of the child and parenting time based on the best interests of the child including adjustment of the child to the home of each parent, emotional and physical health of each parent, wishes of the child and if one parent is likely to allow the other to exercise their parenting time with the child. The court will not award joint custody if there has been an instance of domestic violence or if any parent has a problem of drug abuse.

The court may require the parents and the child to be assessed by an expert like a psychologist, who in turn, will give their recommendations of custody and parenting time to the court.

Both parents must support the child financially. It is presumed that the parent with custody of the child will provide support for the child by virtue of the child living with the particular parent. In Arizona, child support is calculated as per the Child Support Guidelines. In case the child is in high school, child support will continue as long as the child is in high school but will not continue beyond the 19 th birthday of the child. Child support is considered to be the chief obligation and the parent must pay child support before any other obligations.

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Child support obligations also cannot be stopped in the case of bankruptcy. When you are filing for divorce and have served your spouse and in turn, your spouse has filed a response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, both parties can submit a consent decree to the court, which has all the agreements of both parties.

The court will sign the consent decree and the process of divorce will be complete without your spouse or you appearing in court. If your spouse and you are not able to reach an agreement on the various issues and any one of the spouses has not defaulted, the issues will be presented to the judge at court at a trial by both spouses. After listening to the testimony of the witnesses, the judge will review all the evidence used by your spouse and you at the trial.

Can You Have a Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Arizona?

After this, the court will issue orders deciding on the unsettled issues between the spouses. Once the final terms of the divorce are decided by you or the judge, a signed copy of the divorce judgment will be issued by the judge. We're not around right now.

But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. I consent to eDivorce collecting my details through this form. I went for the managed divorce. At first glance using such sites may look like an easy way to go, but it may turn into additional headaches for you. Some of the issues you may experience when dealing with basic online divorce tools are:. Did you know that some online divorce providers have virtual addresses in the US because they are actually based in other countries?

What Are the Residency Requirements for Arizona Divorce?

No wonder that some clients are provided with outdated divorce forms that will be rejected by the court. Those people lose their time and money. Lacking professionalism, these services are not keeping up-to-date with the state forms updates. With a contested divorce, spouses will have to go through numerous steps before the divorce is finalized, including:. Please enter your email address that you used when you signed up. Your current password will be emailed to you at that email address. See if you Qualify Do you know the location of your spouse? Can you and your spouse agree to the division of property, debts and all child related issues?

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Check eligibility. How to get an online divorce. Check If You Qualify. Answer Detailed Questions. Review Completed Forms. File the Documents. Online Divorce in Arizona For those seeking an inexpensive divorce in the state of Arizona, online divorce can be an easy, affordable and fast solution. Filing: OnlineDivorce.

Residency: Every state has specific requirements where divorcing couples must establish residency within the state they are divorcing.

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Commitment to customers. Our tools have helped over , people get divorced quickly and stress-free while saving money in the process. Court approval guaranteed. If the forms aren't approved with the court we refund the customer's money. Our tools have helped complete over , cases. Step by step filling instructions.

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Our easy-to-follow filing instructions walk the client through the process. Online customer support. Our dedicated customer care team provides instruction throughout the process. Available on any device.

Handling divorce papers online has never been more convenient. Check if you qualify for an online divorce in Arizona. Valid grounds to get divorce in Arizona Grounds for an online divorce using OnlineDivorce.