How to find animal crossing friend code

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Favourite Subscribe Pin. He will list any that he finds, and you can tell him to check for more if he mentions a different town from the one that you want to go to. You can visit a nearby town even if you haven't exchanged friend codes with that player. To visit a far away town, your 3DS has to be connected to the Internet.

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Also, a player with whom you have exchanged friend codes must have his or her gate open to far away players. When you tell Porter that you want to visit a far away town, he will list all of the towns of your friends that are open, if any.

Friend Codes

Choose one from the list to visit it. To go back to your town, just talk to Porter and say that you are going back home.

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You will ride the train back to your town. Animal Crossing has its own friend list in the game.

FCSwap :: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friend Codes

The friend list can be accessed by tapping the orange button near the top right of the touch screen. To add friends to your Animal Crossing friends list, you have to visit someone else's town or have another player visit your town. Whenever your gate is open or you are visiting another player's town, there will be a green button in the bottom left of the touch screen that has icons of people on it. Tap that button to show a list of everyone in the current town.

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In that list, tap the name of the person to add that person to your Animal Crossing friend list. After you add someone to your friend list, that person can choose to add you as a best friend. When you are on each other's friend lists, that person can tap the heart next to your name to add you as a best friend.

Need friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Share your friend codes here!

If you and a Best Friend are playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf at the same time, and both of your 3DSes are connected to the Internet, you and your Best Friend can send chat messages even if you are not in the same town. Just tap the orange button in the top right of the touch screen, then tap the name of the player you want to chat with.

Type in a chat message and click send, and your friend will see the message. Toggle navigation. Tap on "Copy ID" to add it to your clipboard, then you can paste it into an email, text message, or even on social media sites. The possibilities are endless. When the number pad pops up, simply type or paste it in, then hit "Done" or "OK. After entering somebody else's friend ID, they'll have to accept you.

Likewise, if someone enters your friend ID in, you'll have to go to the "Friends Requests Received" section in the "Add Friend" menu to accept or reject them. When you're out and about filling requests for your animal friends , you'll often see a human in the area near the animal. These humans are either friends you already have or ones whose acquaintance you have not yet made. When you find one, tap on them to see if you have the option to "Make friends! From the "Add Friends" menu, you can also view pending sent and received friend requests.

By tapping "Friend Requests Sent," and then tapping on a person who you sent a request to, you can cancel the request if need be.